Business Debt Recovery

Business Debt Recovery


Sometimes businesses will have to deal with companies

that do not pay their invoices. These companies may ignore all attempts at Debt Recovery.
Unpaid invoices can have a serious impact on your businesses cash flow. Sometimes, requests for payment fail to produce results.
In these scenarios, legal action may become necessary. This is where experienced debt recovery and enforcement agents can help.
The late payment of commercial debts (Interest) Act 1998 protects your business. It gives you the right as a creditor to recover compensation interest and costs for unpaid debts.
In addition to this it discourages delinquent payments. Your company has the right to the collection of money owed, interest, compensation and costs.
If your customer has not paid invoices you can take legal action.

For payment recovery speak to one of our experienced recovery and enforcement staff. It an be a single invoice, or it can be a business with a history of unpaid invoices.

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